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TEAM GPS visits Leo Heremans
2013-05-29 11:45:00

Last Monday, 27th of May, Lex de Jongh and Ype Hemstra from Team GPS visits the superchampion Leo Heremans at his (strictly secured) loft.

Team GPS re-inforces their breedingteam with some new HEREMANS purchases (a/o from Pipa auction)

Also we picked up our "FIRST DAUGHTER JAN".
She was the 1st daughter who was bred from "DE JAN" and bought by us.
This hen was for years at Leo Heremans' breedingloft and Team GPS and Leo Heremans did breeding together with this hen, paired to very good cocks.

Team GPS was amused about the great quality of the Heremans pigeons...they are in great shape!

Thank you, Leo, for the hospitality.

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