One of Netherlands biggist sensations.

One of Hollands mosty successful partnerships is that of Team GPS…. Consisting of Lex de Jongh and Ype Hemstra and formally loft manager Leo Heesakkers. Since 2009 they raced to the top with already winning 43 x 1 prize (no doubles) in only 2 years. Their wonder team of breeders, based on the most noble of pigeons from Belgium and Holland, backs them up towards a top star status...

After several successful years, Team GPS now faces a new challenge.
The Team was split up and Ype will race as TEAM GPS NOORD in Eastwirrum as Lex will race as TEAM GPS ZUID in Elshout. Both locations start from scratch with youngsters 2015. Of course these youngsters are mainly bred from the amazing stock TEAM GPS owns. This year’s goal will be to excel at the NPO young bird races. The future goal is to compete at the highest national level on the one day long distance races with both lofts.

 In addition to these racing ambitions TEAM GPS spends all her attention building a new pigeon strain...a special strain that excels especially on the NPO Classics. Pigeons with perfect bodies that can cross up to 700 km with head winds with supreme perseverance!

To reach this goal, Team GPS formed a team of foundation breeders, top quality pigeons that are able to create a pigeon strain of a whole new level !

TEAM GPS: (left-to-right) Ype Hemstra, Leo Heesakkers en Lex de Jongh


De huidige vliegaccomodatie te Heeswijk-Dinther
The racing lofts in Heeswijk-Dinther (NL)



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